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Our History, Attributes, Development & Activity Sectors



Co-President Frederic Carrier and business partner Richard Lafrance established Helicarrier Inc. in the spring of 2010. What started from just an idea a few years previous, developed into a competitive organization on a steady growth plan since its first Eurocopter AS350 B3. Each year since its commencement, Helicarrier has added an additional aircraft to its fleet.  When the opportunity presented itself to join the Heavy Lift market, Helicarrier turned to the Sikorsky S61N, due to the fact of the companies previous experience to the airframe. Furthermore, in order to diversify into the Heavy Lift market, the Airbus 332L1 (Super Puma) was the next addition to the fleet to set ourselves apart from the competition. Helicarrier's current fleet consists of 4 AS350 B3's, 2 S61N's, and 2 Airbus 332L1's (Super Puma).

"Our Airbus AS350 B3’s are the backbone of our fleet, their lifting capabilities and low operating costs are what set them apart in this industry, we believe in utilizing a platform that can outperform even those aircrafts in the medium classification. 

We brought on the initial Sikorsky S61 as our heavy lift aircraft because it is an aircraft that has been tried and tested in some of the most remote and harsh environments.  It's a workhorse that helps diversify our fleet but also dovetails nicely into our commitment to our customers in this ever-changing market. "

- Frederic Carrier, Co-President

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The success of Helicarrier inc. can be attributed to its principal asset, its team of qualified individuals.  Our highly skilled crews at Helicarrier believe in providing outstanding service and cultivating close relationships with our clients.  It is these relationships and partnerships that have helped Helicarrier flourish in an aggressive competing industry.

Our skilled professional aircrews are amongst the finest and most experienced in the industry.  Their backgrounds reflect both domestic and international experience allowing them to meet and exceed client’s expectations. Our teams of professional engineers that service our fleet of aircrafts provide fully supported operations in the field maintaining maximum operational availability.



Helicarrier founders dreamt of a company focused on specialized work and missions few others can accomplish.  Our extensive mining sector work in the Canadian Arctic has made it our favorite playground; our ability to adapt and excel within these hostile environments is what sets us apart.  Our reputation and unique capabilities translate into a steady demand for specialized missions taking us to all four corners of Canada and internationally.

​Our safety record reflects our dedication to providing the highest of safety standards and reliable services. It is with this attitude and enthusiasm that we excel in our field of operations, which includes:

  • Cargo load transportation

  • Structure assembly

  • Drilling rig movements and assembly

  • Antennas, tower and ski-lifts assembly

  • Utility pulling- Pulling electrical cable for power lines

  • Fire Fighting- Bucketing water and/or retardent

  • Airborne aerial survey for mining and/or prospecting

"The success of Helicarrier Inc. is built on the lasting relationships with clients, the exceptional talent and skills of our team and our commitment to excellence.” 

- Frederic Carrier, Co-President

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