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Aerial Construction and Heavy Lift Operations

Learn More About Our Aerial Construction/Heavy Lift Operations & Our Remote Work Program




When time and precision are crucial, aerial construction is an extremely productive and cost effective solution. Our safety records, highly experienced professional pilots, and engineering teams have proven our success as leaders of aerial construction within the North American market. Our operations and services include:

  • HVAC placement and construction

  • Ski lift assembly

  • Drill moves

  • Concrete construction 

  • Communication tower construction

  • Seismic operations

  • Oil and gas support/production

​Aerial construction often brings with it, its own unique set of challenges.  Within high-density urban areas, our team collaborates with you the customer, municipalities and commercial vendors to establish a production plan with the following essential elements:

  • Perform tasks within operational periods

  • Limiting risks or exposure

  • Create noise abatement parameters

  • And maximize safety

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